September 13th, 2009

vlc player?

I've just downloaded the newest VLC player onto my desktop and I'm looking to do captures. So, I'm kind of wondering if there's a tutorial how to set it up so i can start doing captures. 

Thanks so much!

Text 'effect' question.

I looked back a bit and couldn't find anything, so I hope this wasn't posted before... I'm wondering if anyone could tell me how I can make text look like it's coming from the subject's mouth. If you have any suggestions whatsoever I'd be happy to hear them! Thanks in advance to anyone that has ideas! (I use Photoshop CS3)
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Need help

Can someone help me to normalise this?

I tried many tuts but it didn't work
And I don't know how to use curves so if your help includes curves can you please explain it in detail


Kris Allen Tutorial

From my last icon post, x_insurrection asked for a tutorial about the coloring I used on my Kris Allen icons. I apoligize for taking so long to get this written out but, alas! I have it.

From to
For: Photoshop 7.0
Difficulty: Depending on your comfortability with curves but relatively easy.
Translatable: Not really, there's a selective color that you could skip but it won't turn out quite the same.

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