September 14th, 2009


Hello! My name is JeSz, i've been using photoshop cs4 and i know how to make icons, but i dont know how to make them so nicely, like most people does on  they do such AWESOME icons! i really wanna know how to make them like that ^_^ i hope you can help me :)
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Color to grayscale picture problem

Ok, I hate to post so close after my last one, but I've been having an issue with certain photos when I go to open them. I've found that I have quite a few pictures that are like this. When I go to open a picture the thumbnail shows it in color and then I open it in photoshop and it shows up as a grayscale image, on RGB color mode. Is there someway I can get these images back to color again? Thanks in advance to all suggestions!
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how i can i make this? i use to know how to make them but i have forgotten.

i have cs4, animation shop3, and psp8. this is one of my lj friends btw but she had the perfect icons so used them as an example. their all a little different but its to give you the idea of what kind of tutorial im looking for
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Screencapping problem

I have a video which I want to screencap with KMplayer. The problem is that he makes the caps smaller while I have the box "keep original size" checked. The video is high quality but the caps are bad/medium. I cap as bmp.
And when I check specific size and put in the size of the video he won't cap anything. Anyone knows what the problem could be?