September 21st, 2009

  • krisdon

Dragging pictures to Paint Shop

Hi! I recently had to restore my computer and ever since I reinstalled Corel Paint Shop Pro XI, I can't do something I always used to be able to do. I always had my textures open and I could drag a texture from "my pictures" onto Paint Shop and I could drag it right onto the image I had open and it would go onto it as a new layer. Now when I do it, I drag it onto Corel and it doesn't go on my image even if I drag it right on it, it just opens as a new image. It's extremely annoying because It's a habit I have and it takes so much longer to have to drag it on there and then onto the picture. I checked in the preferences and I don't see anything that would let it do that and I don't remember ever changing anything to let it do that before my computer got restored. Any one know how to fix this?