September 25th, 2009

using your curves the right way?

I'll try and write this the best way i can It's kinda 1:35am and I'm a little tired.

I use Photoshop cs4 extended just in case you need to know.
When i follow tutorials kinda like this one It uses a a lot of curves and that's just one thing i kinda fail at. So when
It come's to the curves part i always mess up the image coloring >.< anyhow, my questions is are there any tips etc.
When using your curves in Photoshop? 


How can I make

Hi, I've been wondering how do I get this sort of effect,

See picture after LJ-CUT:

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It seems like adjusting the brightness/contrast will only make the picture appear much brighter but not achieve a sort of dreamy kind of effect. I've tried curves but the colors seem to pop out too much.


Help please??

How do I save something that has a transparent background in Photoshop? I'm using PSCS3. It saves with bits of white showing up in the background instead of a transparent image. I tried "save for web & devices" and it still didn't work. And when I opened it in Animation 3, the background is white.

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Intense color tutorial

I'm doing the best I can here; I haven't posted here in ages and I can be bad with offering specific directions sometimes...or most of the time...and when I say "a lot of colors", I mean you have to be working with the whole freakin' rainbow, not just two or three colors.

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