September 27th, 2009

OTP. srsly.

Colouring Tutorial

From tut1a.png image by tuts77 to tut1h.png image by tuts77

Uses colour balance, curves, selective colouring, brightness/contrast. Uses CS3. Not translatable.

NO PSD. Please don't ask.

This is my first tutorial, so please be gentle/ask if you need more clarification. Also, I save most of my PSDs, so feel free to request other tutorials.

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Dean O_o

Smudge tool problem

I was actually getting ready to make a tutorial of something I did last night.  So I know this was working last night, and I'm not sure what changed.  I'm trying to use my smudge tool, only instead of smudging the image it's...smudging the color?  Or something.  Everything is on one layer, I haven't even done anything else to it since I opened the original image.  All my other tools work properly when I tested them.

I'm using Photoshop CS2

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Matt &amp; Val {foREVer}

I don't even know what this is called

or even if this is okay to post here, but I have no idea where else. I looked in text mems but I didn't see anything, and this is really cool. Make your text from a picture's background! I have no idea how to do this....

How do you achieve this? and does anyone what this is called?

Thanks in advance.