October 6th, 2009

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File sizes issues in PS CS4: PNGs

Hello everyone,

I'm here seeking help for a problem that has been mentioned before and it is in the memories (and variations of it can be found through the tags) - only it was never really solved in that post. Since it dates back to 2005 and it is now four years later, I hope someone can help me (and the original poster as well, maybe):

The problem I have is the same as outlined here: suddenly, my PNGs save far over 40kb in Photoshop CS4, something that has never happened. My dpi hasn't changed, I myself haven't changed any of my settings (or Photoshop must've done it on its own) and have really know clue why now, after years, my PNGs save so large.

I can save the for Web and then of course they are very small (one solution mentioned in the post back them). However, that doesn't explain why my PS suddenly has decided to do this or what's wrong and I would be forever grateful if someone here could help me solve what to me is a complete mystery.

Other things that might help anyone answer this question: I work on a MacBook and I do flatten my images before I save them. My images are also set to RGB mode and not CMYK mode, as someone suggested in a post that had a somewhat similar problem while back.

Thanks very much in advance.