October 17th, 2009

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Hi everybody!
I tried to find out what actions are for quite a while and haven't been entirely successful :(
What are they, exactly? I think I have a clue but I'd like to know for sure. Additionally, I'd like to know how to use them in PS7 and install them (I read somewhere that this is possible?). For example, I have a bunch of screencaps, each one in a different layer but in the same image and I want to sharpen all of them at once - that is something that can be done with actions, I believe.

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much and I'm sorry for coming across as stupid for not figuring it out on my own :(

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Thank you, this is solved now.

Does anyone know how to get this effect? I would like to know how to get the effect behind the text. Is it with the smudge tool, or so? A tutorial link would also help!

credit to nutty_musings

I have tried to search here through the tags, but unfortunately, I have no idea what this effect is called. I use Photoshop CS4.

Thanks in advance!


Question about animated icons

Hi. I have a problem with PSCS 3 and I have reached the end of my rope here so I've decided to go ahead and ask someone. I'm trying to use this tutorial(which is awesome btw) to make animated icons. The problem is that I can't even get passed step one. Instead of the little quick time player I get the little black window of doom!

I realise that Photoshop can only work with .mov or .mpeg clips, which is why I got a converter and converted my clip from .avi to .mov (and out of desperation even .mpeg) and still I get the same black rectangle instead of the player. At first I thought it was a codec thing, but I'm using maybe every codec known to man(or at least known to me) and while the clips play fine in QuickTime Player I still can't use PS CS3 for any animation making purposes.:((

If anyone has any idea whatsoever or knows of another comm where this issue might be better addressed please please please don't hesitate to let me know. I am clearly at the end of my rope here having tried everything I could think of.

Thank you!^_^