October 19th, 2009

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this is my question;

Hello fellow iconmakers!

I need a favour from you PS-users. I'm doing a website/guide about PS as a ProjectWork in school (yaaaays!) and I need some ideas on what to write guides about. So, thus, I've a question to ask (or, two. but who is counting?);

What did you want to know more about when you were a "beginner" with PS? Or, what do you want to know more about now?(ex: When I started I found it hard to get what what so special about Selective Colouring..etc...etc..etc. )

Effect Help

I always see this type of banners around on forums but I don't know how to achieve this effect therefore I'm here. Image below:

^credit to source.

The hair is darken and sharpen, the skin is smooth and pale. The color quality (if this makes sense) is more towards black and white.

I'm using Photoshop CS3. Thanks for any help. :)