October 26th, 2009

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So I made this .gif and I checked it twice before saving to make sure the speed was correct, but when I uploaded the con on livejournal, it was still going too fast. But I can't figure out how how to go back and make it slower without starting all the way over. Is there anyway to re-open a .gif up for editing? I use Photoshop CS3.

thanks in advanced.
Olivia & Viola

Tutorial - Adjustment Layers & Light Textures

We'll be going from.....


This is not my first tutorial, however it is the first tutorial where I've included specific notations for both Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop CS2 at the same time. For the most part you won't need to follow these, however they are included for beginner users of either program.

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Screencapping with VLC

I have made screencaps with VLC for a while now, and so far it's working great. But now, I wanted to try and make a GIF with the screencaps. Normally, I would rip a DVD, then cut the scene I want, then render and let GIMP take screencaps, but that takes a lot of time and the DVD will suck up all my GB.

How can I make sure the gif will be nice and smooth? I tried a ratio of 1, and tried a scene where to people give a high five.

Here's what I end up with:

So, basically, I can get the excited face, the actual high five, and the face after. I can't get the part where the hands go up to give a high five.