November 9th, 2009

Сompletely  dorrrrk

Loading files into stack

The problem:
I know how to make animated icons and never had any problems with that,but I've never done animations from cinema scenes,you know,like this one,so I've found this outstanding tutorial.
It says wordy this:
"Now that you have your images capped, open up Photoshop and FILE>SCRIPTS>LOAD FILES INTO STACK"

I've found this option in my Photoshop CS3 extended,but when I click on this function, Photoshop just failed down!! I've tried that 8 times,and every time it's just failed,without any error message.
So,any thoughts what's that and how to solve that problem?

  • jejenni

Text problem

I've had this problem for several weeks now and I'm getting really pissed. My photoshop (elements 5) puts HUGE spaces between everyletter like this instead of . So everytime I'm adding some text I have to move every letter by hand to make it look smart. I've tryed to reinstall it several times.