November 10th, 2009

Changmin → Shake [GIF]

How do get this effect?

Anyone have any recommendations on how I can go about doing something like this? I know that I could just put the text down in the specific areas that I needed, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a less time-consuming way? :]


PSPX2 issues

Hi, everyone. (:
Longtime lurker, first time poster.
Okay. Soooo. I've been using brushes for a long time in PSPX2, and it's always worked very well for me, until now. It won't let me apply the brush unless the move it around, and even then it gives me strange results, like this:

(brush by meleada)
When the brush kind of swirls around the canvas, I suppose you'd call it, as opposed to just applying straight on?
I've checked brush variance and rotation and step and I don't know, I'm still not that great with Paint Shop Pro.
Can anyone help me fix this problem? And much thanks in advance. (: