November 12th, 2009

Jonathan Coulton: by latexandleather

Quick question about the tutorials here

I'm going through some tutorials that use selective color. When I went to try the tutorials in Photoshop CS2, I noticed that there's an option on selective color that can be set to "Relative" or "Absolute". When I'm trying out a tutorial, which setting should I have it on to achieve the demonstrated coloring?

Thank you!
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john: greeting

Animation is too slow

I'm planning on making an icon using a screencap, which can be found below the cut. You may notice that the animation is very slow. I use VirtualDub, CamStudio, and ImageReady. It's speed is fine when played in vDub, but when opened in ImageReady it's deathly slow, and I can't seem to understand why.

Any ideas on what I can do so the speed isn't like that? I screencap at 40 frames per second, and the time between each frame in ImageReady is set to 0sec. I've tried many things, and I have a headache from all this D:

Any help is very very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Solved! Thank you all so much (:

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Shan - Eye

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I was wondering if anyone can help me with this screen cap:

No matter what I do, because it's so low quality, I can't seem to lighten it up & make it look somewhat decent. Any idea how I can do this without loosing all the detail & without everything blending in?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Can't seem to find any tags to put this with.. so I think this one works, sorry!

Also, I use Photoshop CS3