November 17th, 2009

HP - Lupin - Mischief Managed!

[Mod Post] New Mod; Christmas posting

Hi gang,

This community currently has over 30,000 members and continues to grow daily. That means that the mod team needs to grow in order to keep up, particularly as mods' lives get chaotic.

In that vein, please welcome sidhex3 to the mod team!

I also wanted to put the warning out there that yes, we will be continuing our annual tradition of putting the community on moderated posting between Christmas and New Year's. The dates are subject to change and may run something like 12/23 - 01/03, I'm not sure until we get there, but the point is that during that week, MANY community members are home from work, home from school, and have just received brand new computers or shiny new software packages or DVDs they want to screencap... the questions get repetitive very quickly and the posting volume and rule-breaking triple.

We will not necessarily be approving every post to come through the queue; if a half-dozen posts on the exact same topic come through in a given time, we'll probably just pick the best and post it. So keep your eye on the community during that time, if you've got a post in the queue, and you may find the answer you seek -- whether or not you're the asker of the question.

We'll post another warning later in December.