November 21st, 2009


mag scan lines

hello hmm idk how to tag this and i dont think i seen this post in the mems so ill ask this question: how can u remove the mag scan lines in a pic and make it look more HQ? i rly need help with ths cuz most of my icon are from scans XD plz i ask for your help :DD
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The colors are much different in PS

So, I'm making an icon in Photoshop using this tutorial. The colors are absolutely gorgeous in photoshop, but when it uploaded, it's totally different. Here, let me show you.


See the difference?

I have my color mode set to RGB, 8-bit. I tried looking it up, but I just can't seem to get what I want. Any help is very much appreciated!
Thanks in advance~

Help with old images

My grandparents have their 50th wedding anniversary soon and for that we went through old images. There we found the "horrid" images from their 25th anniversary. Aside from the fact that they're nearly 25 years old, they've been bad from the beginning, because (as I've been told) the photographer was drunk while developing them.

I tried fixing them up myself, but wasn't really happy with the result (and can't even find them any more to show for comparison) and I wondered if anybody knew of a good tutorial that might help. So far I've tried Levels, Gradient Map, various copied layers with (different) blur filters and the unsharp mask filter.

Anyway, I have both PS7 and PS CS3 available.

sample image 1
sample image 2

Any help would be appreciated.
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12 steps: How to make 2 gifs play in one icon

My first tutorial I really have no idea if this is intermediate or advance. I learn backwards, I can do an animated icon better than a regular one. Any who, here’s a tutorial for anyone who wants to make a double anicon (or whatever you call it). 2gifs in one. This will be a lot easier if you’ve made animated icons before.

Program: CS3 Extended
Involves: How to import & Time Setting
Translateable: I don't think so maybe if you have CS4
Steps: 12 maybe less if you've made an animated icon before
Difficulty: Intermidate I guess
PSD: included (dunno if it will help you but it is after tut)
Warning: Boring/ image heavy post
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