December 7th, 2009

john: greeting

geez oh pease

Alright, so I'm in Photoshop 7.0 working on an animation request for a different site. The animation is huge, at least 6 MB -and I have it all prepped and pretty. So, I go to Jump To > Image Ready 7.0, and I turn the layers into frame. I delete the frames with the background, border, text, and adjustments, leaving me just the animation part. Now, I want to make the background visible for the first frame. I click on the eye- And it doesn't become visible. Same with the border layer. However, the text and adjustments are allowed to toggle between visible and invisible. Is it because the file is freaking huge? Any thoughts, it's driving me mad?

Screenshot can be provided.
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animated sigs

so im not sure if anyone here would know--but
i know how to make sigs with animations on them and animated pics on them. my question is, is there anyway to make a sig with both an animation and animated pictures? last time i tried, the time of the animated pics and animation went at the same time :/ so like when the time slowed down for the pics, it slowed down for the animation too.

Help?1 anyone :)