December 9th, 2009

cm - garcia

Sound in KMPlayer

My computer crashed, so I had to download KMPlayer again. I don't like the newer versions so I stick with the older ones, but when I downloaded it and began to play my DVD the sound was off. And what I mean by off is that the background music and sounds is louder than the people talking. How can I fix this?
OUAT - David/Mary - Lost In Time & Space
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blending (and colouring) tutorial

or how 'lighten' is my best friend
and should be your best friend too

Note: This is how I blend. It's the only way I blend. I can't get blending to work by having both layers set to normal and by erasing the parts I don't want. I think it looks weird and the blending isn't smooth. I don't know how other people blend and if I once knew another way to blend, I don't know it anymore. In other words: this tutorial isn't the be all and end all to blending.

Note: This isn't image heavy.

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Save dialog box is huge

This is kind of an odd problem that I've never seen here before.

I use Photoshop CS2.

Somehow, I don't know how, I managed to mess up my save dialog box and now it's huge. There is no minimize button to make it smaller, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of a keyboard combination that will get it to go back to it's regular size because this huge size is really annoying.

The dialog box to open a file is huge as well.

Example: click the thumbnail

Thank you for any help.