December 12th, 2009

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Cutting Out Hair Strands?

I swear I saw a tutorial like this somewhere either here or on another Photoshop tutorial website, but I can seem to unearth it. So I'll ask you fellow people...

I am trying to take this image and cut it out in Photoshop CS4. In the background I am using ( making a DVD cover... ), I can NOT set it in Lighten or Screen. I checked through the memories and tags and couldn't find a tutorial that really answers my problem. :(

ANY help is appreciated.

Here is a screenshot of what's going on.

Nothing is wrong with PS or anything, it's just I want to know how to achieve this...
( and I don't know how to tag this; first poster, so don't eat me )

And I have seen this tutorial, but PSCS4 doesn't include the "Filter > Extract" option, so that's unusable.

EDIT: With the image I am using there isn't contrast; so when I use a tutorial like this it will come to no good due to the fact the hair merges with the background, since it's dark. Help?
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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what to do.

When I try to import videos into Photoshop, I keep getting this error:

I installed Quicktime, and I'm still getting the error. I've restarted my computer, I've put Quicktime running in the background, nothing is really working. I keep getting this error.

Anyone know how I could fix it? I used Photoshop CS3, and I download videos with Any Video Converter.