December 13th, 2009

PS Elements 8 / Selective Colouring Adjustments?!

Today I finally decided I was going to buy PS after putting it off for so long. I even got it home, found out I didn't have the right kind of disc driver for it and went out and bought an external one just so I didn't have to return it. So after all this money spend and time waste, I get it home and I'm pumped. I honestly was really looking forward to being able to mess around with selective colouring adjustments and the such. Except I bought Elements and didn't know that Elements didn't allow you to do so. I saw an old post here saying something about a plug in you could download for it. I tried the link out but it was a reaaaaally old post and the link didn't work anymore. I tried googling somethings and nothing came up.

Does anyone use PS Elements and found a plug in for selective colouring? I've looked all over and can't find a thing. I'd appreciate if anyone could help or leave some feedback or links or anything!
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Cropping? Resizing?

Okay, so, recently i got my own copy of Photoshop (2) and i wanted to try making some icons. I found some very nice magazine scans that i wanted to use, but i can never crop the area i wanted into 100 by 100.

I read through a few pages from this comm on cropping, and i tried all the ways, but still could not crop it.

i tried using the crop tool, setting it to 100px by 100px and cropping it, after i press enter (or the tick button) it turned into a very very small square.

I tried the marquee tool and select the area i want and pressed the Image>Crop button, it work, but it's not 100x100 so i had to resize it. I cliked Image>Image Size and made the 'Pixel Diamension' to 100 by 100 and the column below to 72 resolution. (Am i suppose to do that?) and it turned into that very very small square. I can hardly see the picture/faces that i wanted.

What should i do?

(I know nuts about photoshop and making an icon, so please kindly guide me along!)