December 28th, 2009

Missing Stuff

I have Photoshop Elements 8, and seem to be missing several...effects/plugins/abilities. For example, I DO NOT have the "Channel Mixer" or "Layer Mask" plugins as described in these tutorials:

Am I blind? :( Can someone please help, for example, posting screencaps, telling me a possible alternate location, or even specifying what subcategory those effects might be in in the effects pallet?

(If this helps - I got PSE8 off of the Platinum Software Suite Deluxe 2010 disk that comes with Windows 7 computers, Dells more specifically.)


for those who have used the newest paint shop pro. how do you copy something out of paint shop pro and paste it to photoshop?

for example im cropping pictures into icons with paint shop pro and them paste them into photoshop to color them. i used to be able to do so when i used paint shop pro 9.

Auto Capping Program

I use to auto cap using KMPlayer, but now I want to auto cap a DVD and it won't let me.  I'm in search for a new program. I've tried VLC player but I can't get it to work right for me. I really don't want to rip the DVD to my hard drive. If someone could tell me of a free program I could use, it would make my day. Thank you in advance.