January 1st, 2010

color help

i've read the tutorial about screen calibrating, but my images always turn out duller and less vibrant when i upload them online as opposed to how they look in photoshop.

other things i've read say i need to use sRGB under save for web and devices, but i don't have that option. can anybody help me figure out a way to fix this?

Kristin Stewart glow/gloss/colorization effect

Was curious to know if there was tutorial to how to acheive the colorization/glow effect with the eyes. I use PS CS3.

I was having some problems with the uploading feature, so I removed my previous post and re-sized the cut. Sheesh...

Anyway, I would appreciate whatever helpful advice  anyone could offer on how to achieve this effect. Thank you in advance.
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colouring tutorial

 Hey!! happy new year guys!! 83 I just wanted to wish everyone a nice time with family and those important to you ~<3 *getting all sentimental xDD* so, I prepared this today as a goodbye for 2009!! *what a nice year :3* and welcome 2010
I really shouldn't be here right now and probably I'm going to get caught...but anyway, this time I brought you my first coloring tutorial (but it's the third in the comm yays!) and as a special present the PSD :3

Program: Photoshop CS3 *non translatable*
Steps: 6
Difficulty: Easy
PSD: yes (:
Up to the tutorial, we are making 

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*You'll find the PSD there*

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