January 3rd, 2010

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  • soliusx

enhancing icons tutorial<3(Vampire Knight)

I was just messing around with Photoshop and I found an easier way to enhance your icons as well as some larger images. So I wrote it down for you guys. *blushh*

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I’d appreciate it if you comment saying that you like, if you like. =D ..

Made in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Non-Translatable, due to use of Selective Colour.
Steps: 5
Difficulty: Easy.
PSD: Yes

  • omglo1

Error - Brush/eraser marks show up in random spots

This is about photoshop cs4.  I'm using the eraser on a layer mask and every once in awhile the eraser will mask away a spot on the picture that's not anywhere near the spot where the little eraser cursor is.  Or sometimes a single click will end up removing a long streak of pixels somewhere else on the picture as if I clicked and dragged the cursor.  Scattering is not on.  None of the little boxes in the brush palette are checked.  Solutions appreciated.