January 9th, 2010

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extending backgrounds

This is a little tutorial on how to extend the background of an image. I'll try to explain 3 different techniques I use. I tried to explain everything as detailed as possible. If there are any questions left feel free to ask away!
I'll start with what I feel like is the easiest way to extend the background of an image and then get to the more difficult techniques. But this isn't all that hard.
The coloring of the icons is not included.

Program: Photoshop CS2

extending backgrounds

using the smudge tool
using the rectangular marquee tool
using the clone stamp

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Please let me know if you have any questions, if I messed something up or if any images/links don't work!

Comments are appreciated.
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Ok so I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial today, but I realized I haven't done one in awhile, so here's a very simple coloring tutorial!
Thanks guys for 700 members! It makes me really happy! <3

Made in Photoshop 7
Translatable?: Yup~
Difficulty: Easy

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tutorial 02.

.Tutorial #02 feat. Oliver & Christian.

Program: Photoshop CS4.
Translatable: I think so. It DOESN'T include selective color.
Includes: Curves, Levels, Channel Mixer, Color Fill, brightness/Contrast, Textures & Photo Filter.


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