January 10th, 2010


String effect?

I've lost the credit to this icon (it's also quite possible that I never had it to begin with), so I was wondering if there's a way to make a texture like this without drawing every single string/thread with a 1px brush? Some trick in Photoshop that turns a few random kines into something like this? I know it'd be easier to ask in one of the finder comms who made the texture but I'd like to try and do it myself.

I'd be glad for any input. PS.: I use PS CS3

another color question

i know this is a pretty common issue, the whole having icons look one way in photoshop, then looking completely different once they've been uploaded, but my issue is that it looks one way in photoshop, and then looks completely different in every internet browser i use. it's more saturated than the original in safari, dull in google chrome, and duller in firefox. nothing in save for web helps to fix this, and i've followed the tutorial about calibrating my monitor (i'm on a mac), so am i just pretty much out of luck with this issue, because i'm at the point where i'd rather not make graphics at all, because i'm not sure what they'll even look like to the people viewing them.