January 17th, 2010

  • akasuke

kmplayer playback problem

hi, this i s my fist post here after finally surrendering searching for the answer alone on the net..

all help is awfully appreciated..

now lets go straight to the point..
while playing a hdvd, which has subtitles, the video can only be viewed on half the screen, while the other half is black - so although in full view the size is little  (situation :imagine the screen of your computer split in twCollapse )o vertically, and only seeing the movie on the left side! *cries*)
the subtitle on the other hand reacts like the video can be seen on the whole screen (so yes, parts of it is missing or cannot be seen~ the ones on the right side i mean)
ok heres the crl-tab thing that people always ask for:

Collapse )

Collapse )
thanks again
  • sidhex3

[Mod post] Entry tags problem

As some of you have noticed, we're experiencing difficulties with the tagging system. There appears to be a bug working and until LJ is able to help us resolve this issue, the member tagging option has been turned off. Once it's fixed, we'll get tags added to entries posted without them. Sorry for the inconvenience.