January 18th, 2010

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Saving icons under 40kb

Hi guys, so I was making animated icons yesterday and saved it in the "Optimized" area. I tweak the icon until it is about 39.5kb or something really close to 40kb. When I upload it, it goes over the 40kb limit. I freaked out, but then figured out how to solve the problem by saving every single icon back onto my computer, opening it on Quicktime, and using Quicktime to save it as a .mov file. So, I go back to Photoshop CS3 and Import video frames to layers, and optimize it again. This time, when I save it to 39.8kb, and upload it to Photobucket, it shows on the browser as 39.8kb!

What happened there, how come saving it as a .mov first worked in maintaining the same file size? And how do I in the future save myself the hassle of having to re-save every .gif icon? Is there a way I can know for sure exactly how big my files will be?

And second, when I save my non-animated icons on my PC, it's 100kb or higher. But when I upload it to Photobucket, it becomes 19kb or something close to that. Again, what is going on?


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This is a rather basic question, but I am pretty stumped on the easiest way to go about this.

I'm working on something for my friends film project and one thing he wanted was the sun with the rays coming off of it similar to the japanese imperial flag. Does anyone have any tips to how to create the rays? Everything I've tried has looked pretty sloppy. I have CS4 if that makes a difference in any of this.