January 19th, 2010

Coloring book effect?

So, I looked way back and couldn't find it, but there used to be a tutorial for taking an image and making it into a coloring book image, it was a tutorial that used a picture of avril lavigne. Could anyone point me in the direction of that tutorial or one similar to it?

thanks in advance :)
brad/colin 2

Changing .PSPBRUSH to .JBR?

I'm using Paint Shop Pro 7. Years ago, I downloaded some brushes for the program from a website called "Faded Touch" (can't seem to find it on Google now) but anyway... I've never been able to use these brushes because they're in a .PSPBRUSH extension and not .JBR. I've discovered from reading an entry on here that that's intended for PSP8! I've tried renaming the files with the .JBR extension, but it's not working. Anyone know if I'm able to get them to work in PSP7? I must also say I've got some PSPSCRIPT files with them too...