January 21st, 2010

  • sidhex3

[Mod post] Tag update and community guideline/rules reminder

Our tagging problem seems to be resolved and members may tag posts again. If anyone has any difficulties, please let us know.
[edit]we still have some glitches happening....only maintainers and authors will be allowed to tag/edit tags of posts until further notice.

And as it's a new year, I think it's appropriate to point out our guidelines/rules to all the new members and remind the folks who've been around a while of a couple of things. Please, please....please....check the tags and memories before asking a question. Many of the questions posted recently have been asked and answered in the past. Also, as this community's purpose is the open sharing of techniques and information, the 'content must be posted in icon_tutorial' rule extends to any resource you may offer as part of your tutorial. In other words, if you wish to make your psd or other resource available in your post in this community, you must make it available without any restrictions (ie no comment requirements to get a link or password). If you insist on holding part of your tutorial hostage, do so in your own journal/community, not here.

As always, questions/concerns/comments are welcome.