February 3rd, 2010

red blending effect?

Hello everyone!

I was wondering how you can make an icon with the effect as I have it as my default icon (by wowkaboom); this... red blending? Red spot blended? I don't know how to call it. I love this effect, but I have no clue how I can do it myself. I'm using GIMP currently, but trying the current PS (trial version) and will maybe get myself an older PS version.

Thanks for any help! ♥
  • nykema

Brush stroke effect

I'm aware that it's not an icon, but I didn't know where else to go so hopefully it's OK that I ask here. If not, feel free to delete the post.

I came across this banner somewhere (unfortunately, I don't know who made it) and would very much like to know how to get the 'brush stroke' effect. Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

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ETA: I use Photoshop CS4.