February 5th, 2010

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  • marymc

Animation fade to black in IR?

I am. About. To. CRACK.

I haven't used ImageReady much, but I'm trying to figure out how to make an animation fade to black WHILE the animation is playing.
This is the closest tutorial to what I want, but it's not working. I just get a black animation.

Agh, I thought I had an example, but I don't.

Basically, I have an almost-kiss scene that I want to end before you realise that it's not a kiss, so I want the last few frames to fade to black, then have the whole thing start over again as a regular infinite .gif.

However, when I try tweening as descibed in the tutorial above, I get a mostly black animation, the few frames I want to fade-out appear and then we're back to black.

How can I make the entire animation visible, and have just the last few frames fade to black?

(my gif has 263 layers at the moment and I want the last 6 or so to fade - it's not for an icon. That whole "reduction of frames" is for another day!)
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  • unreal

screencap problem

I capped quite a few times with kmplayer and never really had a problem. Now I'm trying to cap a video that's about 4 min long. I said I wanted 3 caps in 1 sec. But first off it took a long time before he was done. And then I found out he made 7.000 screencaps. Even if I say 1 a second he still makes about 1000 screencaps?

Is there something wrong with me video file or something?