February 9th, 2010

Slipknot - Sulfur

Scrolling image effect issue

Hi there. Wondered if I might pose a question to you all.... I'm pretty baffled as to what I'm not seeing.

I'm trying to make this animated icon which is basically just a single image being scrolled across in a loop...
Here's what I've got: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm using Adobe ImageReady.

I've looked everywhere for a method to do what I've done, but was unable to find anything with the same effect. So I basically just jerry-rigged it myself using two layers... which was the only way I could figure out how.

I like how it turned out well enough. My problem is the size. I've got it set to a GIF 64 no dither with 27 frames. Normally that works for me and is within LJ size specs. This is 130k. I've tried halving the amount of frames to 14 even and am still only able to get it down to 67k. So I'm wondering what the hell I'm missing.

Does it have something to do with how I've made it? Some weird IR quirk? Is there a better method to do this kind of scroll across?

Thanks so much... I will worship you if you can help me. o_O

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Mutant X - VP Lovely
  • syd15

Overlaping and making lines

Hi, I'm trying to make something but I can't seem to figure how to overlap and image with a background.

Let's see if I can explain mysself...

I have a background and I have an image that I want to put over the background but in a way so that the corners don't match.

I can't find a good image to put as an example but I made this with paint, it's very basic but I hope it could help you understand what I want.

Okay, one problem solved, I just had to save to web or something like that. (My program is in spanish).

One more problem, how cant I put a shadow to the picture but just on the side that is above the back ground??

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And one more thing, how can I make a line between two images???