February 11th, 2010

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Screwy Text Tool in PS CS3

Ok. So I'm working on a fairly hi-res file (300 DPI) and for some reason, whenever I want to paste type, Photoshop defaults the point size to something ridiculous like 2pt. It only matters when I copy & paste type from the file itself. (So say I have text in a box, and I copy a line of text from that box. When I go to paste it as a new type layer, it pastes really teeny)

If I just make a new type layer and type something, rather than C&P, Photoshop [naturally] defaults to whatever typeface/size I used last.

What the hell is going on, and how do I fix it??
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My luck is beautiful.

I get rid of one problem, only to run into another. Ugh.

SO, I'm in Photoshop [7.0] and I'm messing around with an image. I duplicate the layer, and set it on multiply. I decide it's too dark when the other adjustment layers are on it, and lower the opacity. As a lower the opacity, these... Scanlines show up. I thought it was just an in-program glitch, and upload it. Instead, it turns out like this:

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Any idea on how to remove those lines? Once again, help is very much appreciated!
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