February 13th, 2010

a couple of PSPX questions

I searched the memories but couldn't find anything quite right for the help i need.

1) i use PSPX and whenever i want to paste an image as a layer, it won't let me move the image after its been pasted, so if its in the wrong place, I can't move it. and if i paste something as a transparent selection, it never blends quite right. can someone help?

2) SOLVED. thanks

3) sometimes when i exit out of PSPX, it freezes and still shows open at the bottom of my screen. anyone ever had that?

4) are there any good tutorials for super dark images like this one: : http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/9112/pdvd047l.png

I want to make an icon out of it, but it never comes out bright enough from the tutorials i've come across in the memories.

again, i use PSPX. thanks so much to anyone who can help!!Collapse )

Print screen and copying

I have this very annoying problem, my print screen isn't working!
When i open a new document in photoshop after pressing print screen, and trying to paste it in, it won't show up!
I have also tried to paste it in via edit -> paste, but with no luck.
Also when i try to copy a image pressing the right mouse key and copy, then pasting it into a new document, buuut, it's not working.

this is very frustrating, and i would thank you so much if you knew what the problem is :)