February 17th, 2010

arya stark 2 / game of thrones
  • piemin

{QUES} How to do this kind of Photoshop effect? (: Any help is appreciated!

Hello my dear fellow LJ-ers. :D This is my first time posting a request so please do tell me if i did anything that broke the rules. (:

Oh well, i have been seeing a lot of artworks made by this kind of filter/blending effect but i failed at figuring how to do it.

Example behind the fake cut.
Collapse )
What i'm trying to say is... HOW TO MAKE THOSE SQUARE THINGS? You guys see it... the small quares/boxes around the swirls. s----: I know it's something that has to do with filter gallery but i failed to figure how to do exactly...

And then that's it. Thank you in advance!

P/S: I'm using Photoshop CS 2. :D