April 2nd, 2010


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So I know there have been questions about animations being super slow from cs2 to web and vice versa, so I'm sure I can find the answer to that question but I'm having issues with quality now.

I made an animation today that looks like this in my photoshop:

decent quality, not too grainy.

but it comes out like this now matter how much I mess with my settings (and I'm not going to optimized, I'm saving original, tried the other options too):

or this

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I'm using Paint Shop Pro 9 and I would like some help onto how to make icons have more "depth". Not sure if that's the right word. I know if I use a curves layer it makes the icon darker, but it doesn't have the same results I see in other icons. If I use just curves, it ends up making the whole icon darker in general, which isn't what I want.

Here are some examples under the cut (to hopefully make myself more clear).
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