April 8th, 2010

Smiling Angel

Gif Question

I looked through the memories but I can't seem to find anything that helps me with this, specifically.
I know how to make this kind of gif, but how on earth does
Collapse ) load so quickly when it obviously has so many layers? When I publish it on web, it takes no time to load, while I have to wait for other gifs to load before I can see them properly. I think this involves compression rather than optimization, but I wouldn't know, because I never really dug too deep into gif-making - I just know the basics I guess.
Also, I tried to open this file with ImageReady and I get an error message:

What the hell? I can't even check the settings for that particular animation! )=
Is it possible that I can't open it because it's made with a different program? I can only make gifs with ImageReady. Are there any programs which are better for this?
And one more thing . why is it that when I save that file onto my pc, it appears as a JPEG and when published on web, it appears as GIF?

Please, help!

ps: I have no idea where that gif came from. I was lurking on photobucket when I found it, so sorry for not giving credit~