April 11th, 2010

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Tutorial: Resizing Animated Gifs

Resizing an animated gif isn't as easy as resizing a static image. Use the wrong graphics editor, and your gif won't be animated anymore.

Luckily, there are two quick and easy ways to resize an animated gif. One uses Animation Shop. The other uses one of the completely free software programs I found during one of my freeware binges. (It's a harmless addiction.) And this program requires no installation. Bonus!

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CS2 text issue..?

All of the sudden my text tool started doing this and it's really frustrating!  Even though I'm using a small sized text (about 9px) the text tool, cursor thing is showing up like it's a lot bigger (like 20px maybe).  It's especially bad when I'm typing more than one line of text because it doesn't let me select any of the lines except for the top and bottom.  I thought it would go away eventually but it hasn't so far... Anyone know what's wrong? I appreciate any help!

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harryp - think about it!

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Hey, a long time ago I saw here a tut on how to get rid of the blue tint in Harry Potter caps.

Example of cap:

I was wondering if anyone had a link or a similar tutorial. I have looked in the memories and found nothing.
Thanks in advance.
I;m using Photoshop CS3

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