April 17th, 2010

frodo and sam by me

PS CS4 malfunction?

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I am having huge trouble with PS CS4 Extended student edition. I just installed it yesterday, and it's already going wonky on me.

Whenever I try to crop a base down to 100x100 px in order to start making an icon, the little error report box pops up saying that PS CS4 has malfunctioned and needs to close. I can select the area I want to crop, but when I actually try to make it crop the image, it closes. It has let me actually crop the image and make the icon exactly ONCE, and I've tried at least 10 times. Is it something I'm doing wrong, or is there a bug in the program? 
XMFC: E & C on steps

Erasing Adjustment Layers (Photoshop)

I used to be able to erase parts of adjustment layers on Photoshop, but now I can't.  Does anyone know what would have caused this, and, more importantly, how to fix it?  It's really driving me crazy. 

I have CS4, but I'm assuming that this must be a fairly universal principle at play here, at least within the CS series. 

Thanks in advance for any help!