April 24th, 2010



First time poster so I hope I'm doing this right. =]

I've been really curious as to how to make icons like these:

any similar colouring techniques, textures, tuts of any of the icons above would help.
I'm just really digging this style and all the tutorials I can find are just too bright.

such a view
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screencap help

I've seen other screencapture questions posted here, so I hope this is okay. I've bought some Video on Demand episodes through Amazon that I would love to icon, but the only program that will open them is the Amazon Unbox player, so I'm stuck with Pause-Print Screening them, which is something of a pain and almost impossible to make animated icons with. Does anyone here know of a program that will work? I found Frame Shots, which seems to be exactly what I want, but the demo runs poorly on my computer, and I don't want to spend $30 on something that won't run well.