May 29th, 2010

Joe Jonas: Nobody Puts Joe in the Corner

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I'm back again with yet another issue that I've slaved and slaved over and haven't been able to figure anything out yet.

1) I'm on a Mac
2) I'm using Photoshop CS4
3) My goal: To be able to make gifs from YouTube videos

I need either 1) A good MP4 to AVI converter 2) A good YouTube downloader that downloads to AVI or MOV 3) A good program to screencap from MP4

VLC Player is complete and utter shit and I can't use it to screencap. I use a Firefox add-on to download YouTube videos but they only save at FLV or MP4. It's good, easy and reliable but Photoshop won't open either of these file types. I tried converting a MP4 to AVI but Quicktime nor Photoshop will open it. I tried converting a MP4 to a MOV and while it plays in Quicktime, when I try to import video frames, they come up all black. So... I'm just out of ideas and out of patience at this point. I guess the best solution would be a program that can screencap MP4s for Mac that isn't VLC player. Or if someone could explain why VLC is such shit for me. Help?