July 6th, 2010

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Hey, I just download kmplayer for screencaping, & I ran into a problem

I tried to follow the steps in this tutorial, http://community.livejournal.com/icon_tutorial/10919518.html#cutid1, but still ran into this problem.

How Do I fix this? It says, it either cannot work at "superspeed" or there is no KMPLAYER transform filter

help would be GREATLY appreciated :) !


dragging your own images onto PSDs

Hi guys

I'm very new to photoshop - I downloaded the free trial of PSCS5 3 or so days ago because I want to try making icons..
I know that it takes a lot time to learn everything and develope a skill at it so Im not producing anything spectacular so far.

I downloaded a PSD (cant remember who by, sorry) just to mess about and learn etc

When I dragged my own image onto it to see how the effects would make it look, I liked the results - except for the fact that theres a small 'border' or something around the edge :c

Like so~


[edit] this is a print screen from windows explorer so im not talking about the blurry shadow beneath it - im talking about the black line on the left and top of the icon on the right (which is white on the first icon so not as noticable)

This was not there on the original icon that came with it so obviously its either not being placed down centrally or its sliiightly resized?

I dont know!

Could anyone help me please? I dont know where else to ask really.