July 7th, 2010


Problem with Photobucket

Recently, I've posted a new batch of icons in my graphics community. I've uploaded all the images with my account in Photobucket.
Everything was fine until yesterday, when I realized that some of my icons suddenly lost their quality. They were OK some days ago,
but now they are damaged. Compare:

        ORIGINAL                                      DAMAGED BY                
IT WAS SUPPOSED                              
TO BE LIKE THIS.                               AFTER SOME TIME.                

Does anybody know the cause of this? Is there any way I can recover the original quality?
I don't want to upload my icons in another site...
If I can't recover the original quality in Photobucket, I'll have lost some of my icons, since
I deleted all them from my PC.

I am glad for any help.

EDIT: OK, this is really strange,but when I posted the Photobucket link here, all the icons went
           back to normal. ?? How can something like this happen? This is driving me crazy...

SOLVED. Thank you very much to jadeleopard , canuck_kat  and ina_ami for the help!
Like little Lenny Nimoy and Billy Shatne
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(no subject)

Is it at all possible to take an animated icon - one that's too big for LJ uploads - and make it smaller without being the maker of the icon?

I know it sounds questionable, wanting to alter someone else's work, but I'm hoping for a way to make a group of icons small enough to be uploaded. Any help - if it's even an option - would be greatly appreciated!