July 10th, 2010


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I recently switched from PSE6 to PS CS5 ...

My question is:
I usually cut my icons 300x300 px first, so I can see better what I do - then when I'm finished I downsize them to 100x100 px.

In PSE I was able to make a 100x100 texture bigger by grabbing the edge of the texture with the "move" tool and thus resizing it to 300x300 as well.

This doesn't seem to work in PS CS5.

Anybody's got an idea???
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Blending: From Paintshop to Photoshop - SOLVED

For 3 years I used Paintshop to make graphics and was recently able to get Photoshop CS 5.

In Paintshop when I was erasing part of an image (using the left button of the mouse) and erased too much, I simply clicked and held down the right button of the mouse and went back over the area to "undo" what I had erased at anytime. For example, if I'm blending two images together and noticed that after I'm done that I had erased too much of Image 1 at the beginning, I can go back and, using the right button on the mouse, "undo" what I had erased without having to erase everything I had done after that.

However, when every I click the right button of the mouse in Photoshop, the brush panel pops up. Is it possible in Photoshop to have the same option of "undoing" what you've erased WITHOUT undoing everything else (like what would happen by using the "Undo" or "Step Backward" option)?

Also, what are the best settings for your eraser when you're blending images in Photoshop? I like to use "fuzzy" brushes as erasers to blend my images together in Paintshop but can't seem to get the same effect using the "fuzzy" brushes in Photoshop.

SOLVED: THIS Tutorial explained it easily enough for me. Thanks for all your help!
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Photoshop CS5 GIF issue

Hey everyone... I have a question. I made an animated GIF recently with CS5 that worked WONDERFULLY. But since then I havent been able to at all!! With CS5 image ready is built in (ugh) and you have to import video into CS5.... It generally gives you s preview of your AVI... but instead of ANYTHING it gives me nothing but white frames!! UGh....

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