July 19th, 2010

[Mod Post] Periodic reminders

hi all, just a few reminders:

1) if you're asking a question, remember to indicate what program(s) you're using.

2) please tag your posts (if you're not sure, just take your best guess, but be as thorough as possible). i've been reviewing posts for tags and more than half the posts in the last couple of months had no tags at all. if you have a suggestion for a tag we don't currently have, please feel free to comment with it. :)

3) check the memories for answers to questions (especially basic program functions). many of the recent queries posted do have answers in the memories.

4) please review the posting guidelines on our userinfo page before posting. we're still deleting way too many posts for rule violations. the biggest offenders are 'how do I get this colouring' queries and colouring recipe posts (see this post for more info), and posts with links only (content must be posted in the community). remember, *.psd only posts are NOT allowed.

thank you for your attention, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

*mod sid