July 28th, 2010

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i'm sick of wasting so much time doing this so i figured i'd ask my question here to see if anyone could help me.

okay you know how you copy and paste something small into a much bigger image and you have to stretch it to make it fit the whole layer you just pasted it onto?

well is there a button on your keyboard you can just press to make it stretch to the whole canvas so i dont have to sit here and stretch every layer? please tell me there is ha. i've wasted so much time stretching layers that there has to be a button on the keyboard coz i know there's one for photo shop but i'm using paint shop 9.

thanks in advance!
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So, I downloaded an action and it had the .atn at the end. But, it will not load into my pscs3. I have a feeling it is a PSE action... if so is there anyway to use PSE actions in PS??

thank you!