August 6th, 2010

refine edge tool

i'm using photoshop cs4. i usually always outline the person with the lasso tool then click on the refine edge tool. i inverse it then fill it with a color so that person is the only thing there. it always worked til today. it's giving me this fuzzy feedback. does anyone know how to get rid of that?

this is just a basic quick example of what happens.
stock: ballet

Tutorial: How to Lighten and Redden an Image

This tutorial will teach you in six easy steps the basics of using Photoshop's Selective Coloring capabilities to brighten an image and bring out certain colors, in this case, red and some green. Suitable for beginners to PS and veterans who want to give their icons that extra color pop.


Program: Adobe PS CS
Translatable: No (uses Selective Coloring)

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this is more than my road to redemption

icon tutorial: 002 feat. shutter island

•icon tutorial 002: saturated/colorful coloring
»i know, lmao, been obsessed with writing out tutorials. idek, i mean, it's fun. it is, honestly. but that might just be the impossibly big photoshop nerd in me talking, since i get to explain and elaborate on every tool and every theory i use. anyway, since this is a really (and i mean really) simple coloring, i thought i'd just throw it out here!

coloring 002: feat. leo dicaprio & michelle williams
program/translatable: icon done in photoshop cs4 extended, but will probably work in gimp, psp etc etc since all you basically need is curves.
.psd: if requested. :)
difficulty: 4 steps, very easy to work with. you need to know where to find curves, basically.

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How to put Text in Animated Gifs

There are a lot of tutorials on how to make animated gifs, but none that i can find which include how to add text to those animations.

My tutorial explains how I go about adding text where a person is talking in an animation so that people can understand what is being said.

Program : Photoshop CS3
Difficulty : Intermediate, some basic knowledge of photoshop assumed but hopefully beginners can follow it too.
Warning: lots of images and quite a long tutorial under the cut

This is the first tutorial i've written like this so be kind :D + its getting late in my part of the world

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