August 17th, 2010

this is more than my road to redemption

icon tutorial 003: feat. fernando torres

•icon tutorial 003: saturated/pinkish/orangeish coloring
»so, here comes another tutorial rollin' down the lane! actually, this was, incidentally, one of the first icons i really felt like experimenting with colors on, in a looong time. once again it is, by no means hard, but it does have a lot of steps, and the finish off is a selective coloring layer (which, truthfully, this icon could've stood without, but oh well), so be aware of that! okay, let's roll, this is gonna be a long one, lmao.

coloring 003: feat fernando torres
program/translatable: icon done in photoshop cs4 extended, and the original ones does finish up with a selective color layer, but it's not really necessary, imo. so should work in gimp, psp etc etc without that!
.psd: if requested. :)
difficulty: 11 steps, i'd say medium, but you need to find your way around color balance, curves, fill layers and, if you choose to, selective coloring.

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