August 24th, 2010


Most of you might recognize this as a screencap from the music video: Love The Way You Lie.

I really love the effect of Megan Fox on fire. Does anyone know how to great the illusion that someone is on fire? 

>: LJ is Not Cooperating (Solved)

So...I made four animated icons, cropped them down , all that good stuff...and yet Livejournal refuses to let me upload them up onto my various accounts. I understand that at least two of them have a KB limit that's much too high, but what about the other two, that are both under 100 kb? If anyone can help me, I would gladly appreciate it.

Another thing that I'd love is for someone to mention a way to compress my icons that are too high above the kb limit. With as less reduced quality as possible, please.


The icons in question are One, Two, Three and Four.