September 13th, 2010

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Decreasing Gif File Size Using Animation Shop

Decreasing Gif File Size Using Animation Shop

Note: While I'm using AS, you can do this stuff in other programs too. 

Turning a gif into an animated icon can be tough. At LiveJournal (and many forums and message boards), an icon can't be any bigger than 100X100, and the filesize can't be more than 40KB. And while resizing and cropping a gif isn't too difficult, getting the filesize down from 300KB (for example) to just 40KB can be a much bigger challenge.

And what about the gifs you want to use in your LJ sidebar? If the gifs are too "heavy," they can make a page take forever to load. Which can really annoy the folks visiting your journal.

Luckily, you can use a program like Animation Shop to decrease the file size of your gifs.

Another Note: You should make all of these adjustments on a copy of the gif you are using, just in case there are any mishaps.

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