September 16th, 2010

Phoenix Wright - Faceoff

[Mod Post] Icon_Tutorial is now on Moderated Posting

We are expecting to be placed in the LJ spotlight on Monday.

Thus, effective immediately, icon_tutorial is on moderated posting until we decide to take it off. What this means for you, the community member, is:
  • Your post will not show up immediately. Exercise some patience; even if the queue is not completely full (which it may well be) it could take us some time to get to your post.

  • The mods will be practicing traffic control. We want a relatively even flow of content into the community, rather than suddenly to release 30 posts at once every two hours. That's bad for our friends pages and for getting posts read. This means the queue may fill up. If it does, exercise some patience. The mods do have schedules offset from each other but it's not as if we have someone sitting in every time zone world wide, catering to 3:00 p.m. your local time. See above re: patience.

  • Your post may not show up at all. We will try to leave comments on every rejection, but if your post is very obviously against the rules, you may not get much explanation. If your post is rejected and you can't figure out why, review the rules carefully before contacting us.

  • The mods may be practicing quality control. If we find five posts all sitting in the queue on the same topic (say, rounded, transparent corners in Photoshop, or slowing down an animation -- you get the idea) we reserve the right to choose the best one or two from the pile and reject the other submissions. Clear, effective communication is key, here. Good spelling doesn't hurt, either.

  • Your post may not be released in sequence. Odds are they more or less will be, but the mods reserve the right to pick and choose, so as to benefit the maximum number of members in the minimum amount of time.

  • We can only communicate as much as you let us. Please, please, please turn your comment notifications on when you post; if we leave a comment letting you know why a post is rejected or deleted, and then reject or delete your post, your comment notifications are the way you will know what happened and why. Also, if you send one of us a PM, please be sure your privacy settings allow you to receive a reply!

You are welcome to leave us comments and questions on this post.