September 18th, 2010

milo ventimiglia

(no subject)

Hello! This is my first post here, and I hope this questions is not out of place.
I have been using Photoshop CS4 Portable recently to make icons, and I always save them as .PNG
The quality is apparently the same as with Photoshop, but the problem comes when I upload these icons to post them. I have used  tinypic, imageshack and photobucket. With all these three servers the icon seems to lose quite a lot of image quality, and even sometimes it gets blurry and honestly, I don't feel like posting them to my lj for other people to see.

I was wondering if that could be a problem with the Portable version of Photoshop or the format I save the icons as.
Is there any way I can fix it? Does this happen to you as well?

Thank you very much in advance.

PhotoShop CS5

I just got Adobe PhotoShop CS5 and I'm having some trouble with it. I really want to learn to make animations with it. I keep having to use ImageReady 7 and I'd rather uninstall it now and have some extra space in my hard drive. So here's my question, how can I make animation gif.s on photoshop cs5? or how can I import a folder as frames (layers) like you can do on ImageReady? Anything helps. Please please please this is giving me a major headache. I'm getting very frustrated with it.